Intel refreshes Haswell Mobile Processors

It seems like Haswell is fighting hard not to die. By this time, Intel starts to discontinue several SKUs from the last generation line up but it seems like Haswell is staying longer than expected. We are already aware of Broadwell being postponed to 2015 even though it should have been launched this year and now two architectures will be launched side-by-side, Skylake and Broadwell. This is extremely confusing and it alters the Tick Tock strategy of the company. Problems aside, Intel is keeping the interests of its consumers high by launching Haswell Refresh CPUs and now the company has introduced SKUs in the Haswell Mobile line up as well.

Intel Haswell Mobile Refresh _1

NVIDIA Shield tablet with Tegra K1 is now official

After a somewhat lukewarm effort with the Shield handheld gaming device, Nvidia is getting back into the portable gaming market with the announcement of their latest Shield tablet. The tablet was leaked almost entirely just a few days ago but today Nvidia has officially announced it. The Shield tablet is unquestionably the most gaming oriented tablet we have seen. But does it have what it takes to disrupt the increasingly crowded tablet market? Lets take a look at what makes the Shield tablet special.

nvidia shield tablet

iPhone 6 may use the Apple logo as notification light

The iPhone 6 rumours just keep flowing in. As each day passes we get closer and closer to the release of the next big thing from Apple. And with each passing day the rumour mill goes into overdrive. It’s difficult to filter out the more reasonable, or more probable rumours and reports from the downright silly ones. This latest one however has our attention and it’s perhaps the most interesting one we’ve come across thus far. It is related to how Apple intends to inform owners of the iPhone 6 when they have an unread notification on their phone.

iphone 6

Alleged Motorola Moto G successor pictured

The Moto G from Motorola is without a doubt one of the best Android smartphones to have released in the past 12 months. The phone practically redefined the budget market, setting a bar so high up for phones within the same price range that to this day no other OEM has come close offering what the Moto G does. It’s such a good phone that following it up with a successor is a tall order even for Motorola. But eventually they will have to come up with a successor, and today we get a sneak peak at what it will look like.

moto g successor

Intel slashes prices on Haswell Refresh Core i3 CPUs

This has come off as a surprise but definitely a good surprise. Intel has slashed prices on¬†¬†Haswell Refresh Core i3 and Pentium processors. A total of 8 SKUs were launched, four for each brand. The performance difference isn’t much except for Pentium G3258 which has an unlocked multiplier making it the most attractive chip. Intel is being quite generous to celebrate its 20th Anniversary while being the market leader so this is good news for the end consumer.

Haswell Refresh Core i3 _1

MacBook Air with Retina Display reportedly delayed till 2015

There is little doubt about the MacBook Air from Apple being one of the best laptops money can buy. For nearly five years now Apple has consistently hit the home run when it comes to this particular laptop. With its incredibly sturdy, thin and light chassis coupled with a mesmerising 12 hour battery life, it’s no wonder that practically all other OEMs out there have at least once tried to copy the MacBook Air. But Apple cannot forever rely on the Air and eventually they will need to shake things up. The highly anticipated MacBook Air with Retina Display was reportedly going to be unveiled later this year. Unfortunately though according to reports it looks as if that may no longer be the case.

2013 MacBook Air

UK to get Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 in 2 weeks

When Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone 8.1 update at the Build conference, it showcased a bunch of new and exciting features that users will be able to enjoy once the rollout for the update begins. These new features include the ability to set custom themes for the start screen and the all important notification centre. But perhaps the biggest new feature that has everyone excited is Cortana, the new personal voice assistant named after the popular Halo character. Cortana has generated a lot of positive press for Windows Phone 8.1, but so far it is officially available in the US only. After about two weeks though, people in the UK will also be able to enjoy Cortana on their phones.