Motorola Moto E specs leak: slimmer, affordable and compact

Motorola seems to be on a roll these days. They launched Moto G and Moto X last year, both of which were well received by both critics and customers. The Moto G is probably the highest selling budget Android phone right now. For $199, it is the best Android experience you can get and its really popular in developing countries like Brazil, India and Mexico. According to a latest leak, Motorola has now prepared Moto E; this is an even slimmer and compact phone with an affordable price tag.

Moto E

OnePlus One press renders leaked

The smartphone world that we know of is dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony LG and a few other manufacturers. But recently, a new company has started to create a lot of hype. It started off as a KickStarter campaign, but has now reached a point where it will be released just four days from now. It is called OnePlus One. With so much hype for a phone that nobody has ever heard off, the lack of any real pictures to show what the actual thing will look like was a little odd. Not anymore though. The images below are supposedly leaked press renders of this mythical phone.


Google rumoured to be working on a $100 Nexus phone

The Nexus phones from Google have been some of the most well received Android phones of its time. They are the only phones by mainstream manufacturers that run an unadulterated version of Android. And they are a rarity in the Android world for another reason as well: timely OS updates. What has made Nexus phones desirable can also be attributed to the price Google charges for them. The latest Nexus 5 costs only $350 from the Play Store. The phone has nearly identical specs to phones that cost twice as much. You certainly cannot ask for better value for money. Or can you?

Nexus 5

AMD to launch new Never Settle Forever game bundle on April 21

AMD is set to disclose its new game bundle named “Never Settle Forever” on April 21st. This time there would be a list of games that would be included in order to choose from. Never Settle Forever will be updating with its own set of changes for the program. As usual, the games are only for Windows and come in the form of a code which is valid for redemption following a qualified purchase.

AMD Never Settle Forever

Older Sony Xperia Z phones to receive KitKat update starting May

Sony does not have the best of reputation when it comes to updating its phones to newer versions of Android. However the company has begun to take a turn for the better recently. The Xperia Z1, which was released last year, has already received the Android 4.4 update. Now Sony is turning its attention to an even older series of phones. This includes the original Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z. All of these phones will start receiving the Android 4.4 KitKat update starting next month.

xperia z1

LG G3 to launch this summer with 2560 x 1440 resolution screen

This year was suppose to be a year of the high resolution screen smartphones. So far though have yet to see even a single phone cross the 1080p mark. All flagship phones released thus far, including ones from Samsung, HTC and Sony have all sported 1920 x 1080 screens. However we’re not even half way through 2014 yet. 2K phones are coming, and it looks as if the first mainstream smartphone to offer it will be the LG G3. We have heard about this phone before as well. But this time, it’s all but official.


Here are the devices officially compatible with Samsung Gear

Samsung has dove headfirst into the smartwatch and fitness tracker race. With the release of the Galaxy S5, the company also unveiled the new Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. These are successors to the somewhat disappointing Galaxy Gear smartwatch from last year. Samsung also released a new Gear Fit fitness tracker. While all these smart devices certainly do look tempting, there is one catch to using them: they are only compatible with Samsung devices. But which devices are these?


Three new NVIDIA graphics cards surface, all are rebrands

Rebranding old graphics cards with new names is getting pretty popular among both major graphics card makers. This is mostly done in the low-end price segments. Three new such graphics cards from NVIDIA have surfaced in TechPowerUp’s GPU database. The new GeForce GT 705, GT 710 and GT 720 are all rebrands of older cards and infact the GT 705 is a rebrand of a rebrand. Go figure that out!


LG isai FL is a phone with almost no bezel

Phones these days differ from the ones in the past in one very obvious way: their size. With screen size having already crossed 5-inch for most flagship phones, one hand usage is all but a thing of the past. Some manufacturers know this, and they are trying to minimise the size whilst keeping screen size in tact. Enter the LG isai FL, the phone that takes the cake for having the thinnest bezels on a phone we’ve seen so far.

LG isai FL

Experiencing battery drain on Windows Phone 8.1? You’re not alone

Yesterday was Christmas for every Windows Phone user in the world. The long awaited Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview was finally made available for everyone. We have already covered a guide on how you can install the update on your device. While many of you are enjoying the new features that come with this update, some aren’t having the best of times, especially when it comes to battery life. As it turns out, the problem is more wide spread than you would have thought.

Nokia Lumia 1020