These iPhone 6C mockups look beautiful

We all know by now that Apple is planning on releasing two new iPhone 6 models this year; a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. But what about the successor to the iPhone 5C? iPhone 5C has not exactly been a runaway success for Apple. The company has not revealed any sales figures, but from what we have heard so far, they’re not as good as the 5S. This brings us to whether there will even be a successor to the iPhone 5C or not. Right now we don’t know. But what if there was one? What would it look like? These mockups give us a nice idea of what that may be.

iphone 6c

Windows Phone 8.1 benchmarks show slight improvement across the board

Windows Phone 8.1 is a pretty big deal for Microsoft. After a near 18 month gap where the mobile OS saw little to no change, the 8.1 update brings significant changes to the way the OS functions and looks. From Cortana to the Action Centre, or from the new start screen themes to the way apps multitask, this could well be called Windows Phone 9. There have been plenty of reviews across the web regarding this update. But how does it fare when put through carefully crafted synthetic tests? GSMArena put three Windows Phone devices to the test, all running update 8.0 and 8.1.

windows phone 8.1 benchmark

5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed till next year

Apple has historically always been behind the curve when it comes to screen size on their smartphones. Where Android phones have now crossed the 5-inch barrier, the iPhone 5S is making do with a 4-inch screen. There is definitely a market for small phones, but even the word small now has a different definition, and it’s certainly bigger than 4-inch. This year Apple is expected to launch not one, but two iPhones. Unlike last year though, the two iPhone 6 models will have different screen sizes. One will be a relatively small 4.7-inch, and the other being a much larger 5.5-inch. Unfortunately though, manufacturing a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is proving to be somewhat difficult.

iphone 6

OnePlus One is official; Snapdragon 801 for just $299

OnePlus One has had the smartphone world at the edge of its seat for several months now. With claims of being different from mainstream OEMs, everyone was wondering what this unknown company that sprung into the news after a successful Kickstarter campaign has to offer. Today, after months of leaks and teasing, the phone has finally been announced, and it looks rather impressive.

oneplus one

Four upcoming GIGABYTE Z97 motherboards unveiled

GIGABYTE has just revealed four of their upcoming motherboards based on the Intel Z97 chipset. It seems like they have revamped their naming scheme a bit. First of all, the OC series motherboards are now renamed to SOC series which obviously points to ‘Super Overclock’ as used in their GPUs. The gaming series motherboards which was previously known as G1.Sniper series are now renamed to ‘Gaming G1′. Furthermore, GIGABYTE Z97 motherboard lineup also includes Black editions of their Gaming G1 series boards as well as their classic series.

GIGABYTE Z97 Motehrboards _1

LG G3 leaked screenshots show revamped user interface

With Samsung, HTC and Sony having all released their flagship phones for this year, all that remains to be seen is what LG has to offer. LG’s schedule works a little differently compared to these three companies, which is why you’ll see the Korean giant release its flagship phones a bit later on. We have already heard about this flagship LG G3, the successor to the extremely well received G2 from last year. It is rumoured to come with a QHD display and other top of the line specs. But LG is also looking to revamp its user interface. The screenshots of this new UI have been leaked.


Samsung rumoured to be working on Galaxy S5 Prime with QHD display

Rumours about a higher end version of the Galaxy S5 have been going on for quite a while now. Even before the Galaxy S5 was released, it was reported that a higher version, called Galaxy S5 Prime, will be released a few months after the release of the first model. Samsung was quick to quash these rumours. But they never completely died down. Today yet another bit of new regarding the Galaxy S5 Prime has surfaced courtesy Sammobile.


HTC One M8 Mini to launch on Verizon in May

The One M8 from HTC is proving to be a hit for the company. After a disastrous 2013, the Taiwanese company will be hoping to make a comeback in the smartphone race. But one phone alone will not change their fortunes. HTC will need to diversify and offer a wide range of phones at different price points. Last year they released the mini version of the One M7, which did not really receive much of a positive response. HTC isn’t backing down though. They’re already prepping the launch of One M8 Mini.

htc one mini

Google Hangouts 2.1 update for Android to bring merged conversations

The Hangouts service from Google has slowly been evolving from a simple IM app to a full blown messaging service over the past 12 months. The app replaced the now defunct Google Talk service. Google Hangouts lets people with Google accounts remain in contact via instant messaging, voice or even video calls. The app received a big updated on iOS a few months ago. This week Hangouts for Android will be updated to version 2.1, bringing in some of the most requested features.

google hangouts