AMD launches A10-7800, A8-7600 and A6-7400K APUs

AMD launch Kaveri APUs back in January and showed promising performance. APUs indeed have a future but not in the mainstream desktops but a niche of its own. Today, AMD has released three new Kaveri APUs out of which two have a locked multiplier. Kaveri A10-7800, A8-7600 and A6-7400K are not much different from their counter parts except for the introduction of configurable TDPs. The 65 W APUs can be adjusted to 45 W which lowers the clock speeds of the APU’s compute cores.

AMD A8-7600 Launch _1

ASUS and ROG X79 Motherboards support 128 GB Memory

A lot of memory manufacturers are moving forward and introducing new technologies which will help increase the memory size on a single module. While 8 GB DIMMs remain popular amongst consumers, the enterprise/server industry on the other hand wants terabytes of memory in their servers. Intelligent Memory introduced 16 GB modules a little while back and ASUS worked closely with them in order to increase capability on its motherboards. Today, the company has announced that P9X79 and ROG X79 motherboards now support 16 GB modules per DIMM totaling up to 128 GB with eight DIMMs on board.

ASUS and ROG X79 128 GB Memory _1 launches official BlackBerry e-store in Pakistan, a leading online retail store in Pakistan has announced the launch of the first official BlackBerry store in the country. Although BlackBerry is struggling worldwide in the modern era of smartphones, it still caters to the enterprise niche around the globe. The company has a strong consumer base in Pakistan which will help by offering authentic products including 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Blackberry _1

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina gets faster CPUs & more RAM

In a rather expected refresh revealed earlier today, Apple has updated their entire lineup of MacBook Pro with Retina displays. The update did get leaked at the weekend through an Apple store in China. The update incorporates the latest Haswell Refresh models that Intel launched earlier this month. Most of these chips are about 200 MHz faster than their predecessors for same price and they have found their way to the updated Retina MacBooks. Apart from that, Apple has also bumped the standard RAM capacity of 13-inch model to 8GB and the 15-inch model to 16GB. It was previously 4GB and 8GB respectively.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina

NVIDIA gives its opinion on AMD’s Mantle

AMD is working hard with game developers to improve its Mantle technology which shows some promise in terms of performance. Battlefield 4 is one of the most popular games to take advantage of Mantle but still the technology needs more time to mature. NVIDIA has stayed quite regarding its rival’s bold move for sometime but its Senior Director of Engineering have finally spoken out during an interview with Maximum PC.


ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer, X99 Extreme6 and X99 Extreme4 motherboards show up

Intel’s next HEDT (high-end desktop) platform Haswell-E along with X99 chipset is on the verge of being released. We saw some X99 motherboards on the Computex but those were prototypes and not final versions. However, in a recent press briefing in Taiwan, ASRock showed three of their upcoming X99 motherboards in final state. These come complete with new heatsinks designs and are mostly in working state.

LGA 2011

NVIDIA’s GTX 800 series shifted back to 28nm node

Its that time of the year when both AMD and NVIDIA are working hard on their next generation GPUs and people are anxiously waiting for them. We’ve seen several reports in the past about the upcoming NVIDIA GTX 800 series which will be based on new Maxwell architecture featuring the all new 20nm manufacturing node. However, that does not seem to be the case any more. We also reported about this issue last month and now a latest report from KitGuru further validates our previous report.