Overclocking-centric motherboards have been around for a few CPU generations now and they seem to be here to stay. The ‘overclocking’ motherboard trend got real traction when GIGABYTE launched the X58A-OC a couple of years ago and it became very popular among overclockers and enthusiasts despite that fact that the X58 chipset was reaching the end of its life but from sales point of view, it was really a hit. A major reason behind its low sales was that it was a strictly overclocking motherboard and it didn’t have much of the other (general) features. Later down the road, GIGABYTE tanked the ‘OC’ naming scheme but launched the Z77X-UP7 with the same overclocking DNA and the black/orange color scheme. This motherboard was an exact opposite of the X58A-OC. It was priced around $400 as compared to the $200 X58A-OC and in addition to the overclocking features, it had lots of other features as well. Basically, it was an overkill for any type of system. Once again, it surely made lots of records but it failed to achieve good sales.


be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 Review

The CPU air cooling market has been on the hibernation mode for a while now but recently all the major players have come forward with their flagship offerings which has again heated the battlefield. A couple of months ago we reviewed the much awaited Noctua NH-D15 which did not fail to impress us and now we have the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 which is company’s flagship offering.

We reviewed their previous flagship model, the Dark Rock Pro 2 almost one year ago and it was a top scorer back then but a lot has been between then and now. As mentioned, Noctua has some up with a new flagship and there is a new comer, Phanteks, around the block which is also making some strides with their PH-TC14PE.

be quiet Dark Rock Pro 3

Nokia XL Review

Earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress, Nokia announced its first Android powered smartphones. It was the introduction of the new X Platform which sat on top of AOSP Android. Needless to say, it did catch everyone by surprise. The Finnish giant had always been a strong advocate of Windows Phone, and their close relations with Microsoft eradicated any hopes for an Android phone by them. No one really knows what prompted Nokia to make such a daring move. Perhaps the fear of backlash from Redmond was diminished after the acquisition was confirmed? Who knows?

Nokia X however is not your regular Android smartphone. We have already reviewed the low-end of the three phones which were announced, the Nokia X. As mentioned before, these phones run the X Platform on top of AOSP (Android Open Source Project), which means you do not get any Google services (more on that later). Nokia X failed to impress us. With its low end hardware coupled with subpar performance, the phone was a tough sell in a market that contains phones like the Moto G and now the Moto E.

Nokia XL

Sennheiser G4ME ONE Review

Sennheiser is a leading audio peripherals provider around the world with a reputation of being the best. The company has seen immense success and is known for introducing the top-end products used by professionals around the globe. There is only one segment left where Sennheiser has yet to make its impact and that’s the gaming industry although we have seen headsets such as PC360 series but it didn’t offer any gaming exclusive features.

Sennheiser G4ME ONE is designed to change all that and compete against the leading gaming audio headsets manufacturers such as SteelSeries and Razer. G4ME ONE is compatible with both PC and latest consoles including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It might not be the prettiest gaming headsets we have seen but it’s definitely one of the best performers.

Sennheiser G4ME ONE

Razer Adaro DJ Review

Razer has come a long way in designing headsets. I have had the privilege to test numerous of their headsets and very few of them have been outstanding. It does not mean that they were bad, they did their job pretty well but since Razer is known for charging a premium, none of them stood out compared to the competition.

The most impressive Razer headset, I’ve tested so far, is the Kraken Pro which not only performs extremely well but at the same time it is priced relatively reasonable. Even Kraken Forged edition lack that ‘wow’ factor when it comes to performance considering how much they cost but it’s all going to change.

Razer Adaro DJ

Sennheiser Momentum Review

Sennheiser does not need any introduction as the name itself has revolutionized the audio industry for decades. The company has ruled the industry since 1945, at that time Pakistan did not even exist. It’s the Apple in the audio world; every DJ, musician, producer and singer have used Sennheiser products in their lives.

Sennheiser Asia was kind enough to send us its hottest selling headset, the Momentum. Momentum brings luxury and performance in such style that no one can look away from it. The premium yet elegant packaging, those beautiful curves and the use of leather everywhere makes it a phenomenal headset.

Sennheiser Momentum

Nokia X Review

Will Nokia make an Android phone? This is a question that every smartphone user has been asking for the past three years at least. When Nokia decided to retire Symbian, Android seemed like the logical OS they would adopt. Symbian was functionally very similar to Android, and Android already had a strong foothold in the market. Nokia however had different plans. They chose Windows Phone 7 as their OS of choice, writing off Android completely. And thus began an era of stunningly beautiful looking phones running an OS that nobody really wanted.

Nokia X