Gigabyte Aorus X7 High-end Gaming Notebook Hands-On Preview

The secret is out, ‘Aorus’ is in fact Gigabyte’s new line of gaming notebooks. Sometime back a new brand name emerged with only a few hints about the product. VR-Zone has revealed that, Aorus is a sub-brand of Gigabyte with high-end gaming notebooks under its belt. Lets check out the hands-on preview of the upcoming Aorus X7 gaming notebook which will debut at CES 2014.

Aorus X7 Gigabyte Gaming Notebook _1

Aorus X7 High-end Gaming Notebook

Gigabyte will showcase the whole line of Aorus gaming notebooks at CES 2014 in January. The notebook in spotlight today is the Aorus X7, it is powered by 4th generation Intel Core i7 Haswell processor and NVIDIA GTX 700 series graphics. VR-Zone didn’t reveal much in-terms of specifications except for that it houses a 17-inch display and some shots of its exterior. The notebook has a simple yet attractive design, with Aorus logo at the top.

Aorus X7 Gigabyte Gaming Notebook _2

According to the pictures, Aorus X7 comes with VGA, 2 x HDMI and one mini DisplayPorts along with one SD card slot and USB 3.0 ports for external storage. Standard audio jacks plus a full-size keyboards makes up the Auros X7. Benchmarks and details of the notebook will be revealed at CES in January.

Aorus X7 Gigabyte Gaming Notebook _3Auros X7 sure looks powerful but at the same time quite bulky but its normal for a gaming with a few exceptions of course. Razer’s Blade and MSI’s GS70 are two very powerful yet slim notebooks but if Gigabyte’s Aorus X7 houses SLI NVIDIA graphics with super fast SSDs in RAID then the the thickness can be ignored. For more details stay tuned since CES 2014 is just 8 days away.

Aorus X7 Gallery

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Source: VR-Zone

  • Awsan

    MSI GS70 not GT70,The GS is the slim model the GT is the normal model

  • Ali Kamran

    Corrected. Thank you for pointing it out.