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The 25-year-old behind UberFacts makes $500,000 a year from social media

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

We all have probably come across some tweet containing a very interesting but meaningless fact from an account called UberFacts. Well, here is another interesting fact; the 25-year-old guy, Kris Sachez, behind that account makes about $500,000 a year posting random facts on social media. He talked with CNBC in their Closing Bell segment about how it all started and how exactly he makes money using his accounts on various social media websites.

Kris, in 2009, when he was about 17 sent his first tweet under the account name UberFacts. The account slowly started growing as the facts were very simple yet interesting. Currently, UberFacts is in the top 150 most followed accounts on Twitter with around 13.5 million followers. His Facebook and Instagram pages have 3.8 million and 1.3 million followers respectively.

It definitely picked up when celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian started retweeting the account. But it became a business when another company taught me how to monetize from Twitter,” Sanchez said.

He mostly makes money by sending traffic from his pages to websites containing some interesting content and he gets paid on the amount of traffic. Sometimes, he does direct advertising as well on his social media pages. In that case, he gets paid on per-post basis. Sanchez says that he had now idea about how he could monetize his account and a company called ChaCha helped him setup the monetization streams.

They taught me the way to influence by choosing galleries that really resonate with my audience,” Sanchez said. “They would make galleries like ‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Space’ or ‘7 Facts You Won’t Believe About the Human Body’. So things that just really fit the audience.

Though, UberFacts is only on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the moment but Sanchez realizes the importance of Snapchat and how big it could get so he is actively looking into ways about how he could monetize it.


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