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About 350 Mobilink employees have been asked to leave post-merger


The results of Warid-Mobilink merger have already started showing up. According to a well-placed source, about 350 of the Mobilink employees from the operations department have been asked to leave. This is happening despite the assurance from Mobilink that there will be no considerable layoffs. Last week, eight key employees of Warid including the CEO were asked to report to their counterparts in Mobilink.

The 350 employees will be laid off in the coming months. And according to our source, VimpleCom is making all the decisions after the Warid-Mobilink merger. The employees are also worried about their bonuses and increments as they might not be given as promised earlier. Company’s only aim right now is to launch 4G services to the Mobilink customers as soon as possible to makes its financial position better.

Prior to all this Mobilink also outsourced about 20% of their inbound and outbound support operations to Mind Bridge, a Lahore based BPO company. However, Mobilink did not exactly layoff their staff at that time but transferred them to Mind Bridge.

Some view the Warid-Mobilink merger as the worst thing that could happen to Warid and Pakistan’s telecom market but only time will reveal the actual outcome of this merger. Right now, its one less player in the market meaning less competition which is always bad for consumers.


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