Over 38 million Samsung Galaxy Note have been sold so far

Two years ago when Samsung launched the very first Galaxy Note phone it was brushed off by many as a one-off attempt at a market that doesn’t exist. To be fair the assumption of no market was based on facts. At the time the largest phone you could get had a screen somewhere between 4 or 4.2-inch. So releasing a phone with a screen size well over 5-inch was an extremely brave move on Samsung’s part. Fast forward the clock two years into the present and you have the Galaxy Note series as one of the most successful ones in recent times.

note 3 b

Just how successful exactly? If Samsung Mobile Communications chief JK Shin is to be believed, over 38 million Galaxy Note phones have been sold so far. This includes Note 1 and Note 2 both. It’s certainly a very impressive achievement on Samsung’s part. Two years ago no one could have predicted the gold mine Samsung had uncovered. Now with the newly announced Galaxy Note 3 the number will only go up considering the phablet will be available in over 120 markets eventually. To this day no other OEM, despite all the efforts, has managed to come close to the Galaxy Note.

Source: Androidbeat


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