3DMark Fire Strike Ultra announced: world’s first 4K benchmark

Futuremark’s 3DMark benchmarking suite is one of the top softwares used to gauge performance of latest gaming systems. It is widely used by enthusiasts, gamers and journalists to compete and compare the performance of their system among others. Now that 4K resolution is also being widely adopted, a proper benchmark for this new resolution is much needed and 3DMark fills this need. The latest 3DMark suite contains the renowned Fire Strike test which comes with two resolution options; standard (1920×1080) and Extreme (2560×1440). However, now they’ve added a third variant called Fire Strike Ultra which brings 4K Ultra HD resolution to the table.

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra

This test does not require a 4K display as it can run on any resolution. Although, the Fire Strike Ultra test is actually rendered at 4K 3840×2160 resolution and then it is downscaled to display’s native resolution. All that is required is a GPU with at least 3GB memory and Fire Strike Ultra will give a final score. This score can be compared to other’s scores and all 3DMark suites furthermore it also gives an idea if the tested system is capable of running 4K games. This benchmark should be beneficial for people planning to buy a 4K display.

Fire Strike Ultra is available to all 3DMark Advanced edition and 3DMark Professional edition users. They can get it by simply updating to the latest 3DMark v1.4.775. Other changes in this version include new design for main benchmark selection screen, improved benchmark logging along with several fixes.


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