4 Million Copies of Windows 8 Sold, Steve Ballmer Tells Devs

During the Build conference which hosted around 2000 developers, who also left with few gifts by Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer told the devs that the company has sold around 4 million copies of the new Windows 8 OS. Despite all this statistics, most of the consumers are unaware of the new OS and the PC suppliers which are continuously launching new hardware to be compatible with the new OS, worries about the interest the consumers exhibit.

The main motive behind this disclosure was to encourage the developers that there are no short comings in this new OS. Ballmer urged them to continue developing more apps for the new system as well as the Windows Phone 8 mobile OS.

Steve Ballmer said, “Windows 8 is the best opportunity for software development today” and he further added, “hundreds of millions of people are aching to use your apps, just dying to use your application.” According to him there are 670 million compatible PCs that can be upgraded to Windows 8. Microsoft is going to invest over $1.5 billion in the advertisement campaign to provide awareness and the use of the new OS.

Sources: CNET


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