This it the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy F with 2560×1440 display

Samsung Galaxy F

There has been quite a lot of rumors about what the next high-end Samsung phone might be. Some are saying that there will be a Galaxy S5 Prime with metallic body and QHD (2560×1440) display while others believe that there is no Galaxy S5 Prime but there will be an all new Galaxy F series whose first will be called Galaxy F. This new series will completely replace the Galaxy S line and there will be no Galaxy S6. It is expected to be launched later this year at ‘Unpacked Ep.2’ event.

Samsung Galaxy F

That’s it for what different people believe. However, as a more solid evidence proving the second theory involving the Galaxy F, @evleaks have released two pictures of the said phone. It reportedly comes with Snapdragon 805 chip and a 5.3-inch display with QHD resolution. More importently, from the pictures it looks like that it will be encased in a metallic body with brushed aluminum finish at the back.

The alleged Galaxy F looks a lot like the Galaxy S5 but it has slightly more rounded edges with smaller bezels on the side. To me, it looks more like the Galaxy S4 than the Galaxy S5. On the back, we still have the heart rate sensor like the Galaxy S5 along with a camera and flash.

Samsung Galaxy F



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