7 reasons NOT to buy the iPhone 7

Reasons not to buy iPhone 7

Apple just announced their new iPhones earlier this week after months and months of rumors. I was anxiously waiting for it as I have been planning to try iPhone since almost an year after being a loyal Android user since the Galaxy Nexus in 2011. Initially, I planned to get the iPhone 6s when it launched but it was a very marginal upgrade over the iPhone 6 and even the critics did not receive it that well. I thought that I should wait for iPhone 7 as Apple will obviously bring some new things and design changes as they have always done with a new non-S upgrade. But the recent iPhone 7 launch left me disappointed and I have dropped my plans to get an iPhone.

Here are the major 7 reasons which made me change my mind:

1. Same two year old design

Apple has been known to push the design envelope with all their products. Even when Apple went from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5, everyone mocked the new design because it looked liked an elongated iPhone 4s but it was a completely new design which looked and felt good in hand. The iPhone 6 once again pushed the whole smartphone industry towards premium materials and well thought designs.

Now, Apple itself is stuck with a two year old design. They have surely made some changes but they are not as big as I expected from them. Samsung, who stepped up their design game after getting beaten by Apple, now makes the best looking phones i.e. Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 7.

2. Display resolution still stuck in 2013

The Galaxy S4 and Nexus 5 were launched in 2013 and both had full HD (1920×1080) screens. All the flagship phones these days like Galaxy Note 7, Nexus 6P, LG G5 now come with quad HD (2560×1440) resolution. However, the iPhone 7 does not even have a full HD screen, it’s more like a 720p panel. The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a full HD display and it’s perfectly fine if that’s what you have been using since start. But if you use iPhone 7’s 326 ppi display after using a quad HD screen with 516 ppi (Nexus 6P) for a while, you can surely spot the difference it makes.

3. Huge bezels

LG spoiled us with slim bezels on their G2 smartphone and all the other smartphone manufacturers followed. These days more and more phones are coming out with curved display in efforts to make bezels as small as possible but Apple has not made any advancement in this regard. The size bezels of the iPhone screen can be tolerated but the top and bottom bezels make the phone straightaway ugly.

4. No headphone jack

This is one of the major issues with the new iPhone 7. The new iPhones come with Lightning port only and Lightning EarPods. There is a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone connector included in the box in case you want to use your old headphones. This basically renders all the high-end headphones you might have useless. If you still want to use them, you need to carry the connector with you at all times and if you lose it, a new one costs $9.

Apple obviously wants you to get their new wireless AirPods which cost $169 to begin with and if you lose one of them, you have to spend $169 once again.

If you couldn’t justify spending $169 on AirPods and still use the the bundled Lightning EarPods, you can not listen to music while charging the phone because both operations use the same port. However, if you are still determined to do that, there are two expensive options; the $40 Lightning Adapter by Belkin or the $49 Lightning Dock by Apple.

5. Lack to wireless charging

Apple is known to hate wires, it’s evident not only for their hardware like iMac and new MacBook but also from their software. They have built many features in the macOS and iOS which let you do a lot of things wirelessly. However, Apple has yet to introduce wireless charging in their phones while the same has been available in Android phones for a while now. Wireless charging seems like a gimmick but once you regularly start using it, it very convenient and makes your everyday life a little bit easier.

6. Lack of stylus

It is not a major disadvantage of an iPhone but if you are a dedicated Galaxy Note user like me, you would definitely miss the stylus. It helps a lot with productivity, taking notes and a lot of other little things and I think Apple should have definitely integrated one with the iPhone 7 Plus.

7. No split screen multi-tasking

Samsung has been building split screen multi-tasking in their Galaxy Note series for a while now and with Nougat, the feature is now generally available in all Android phones. It is even available in iPad but not in iPhone. It might not make sense to have multi-tasking in iPhone 7’s small 4.7-inch screen but the bigger iPhone 7 Plus should definitely have it.


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