75% of all Android apps compatible with Nokia X; says Nokia

Yesterday, quite unsurprisingly, Nokia announced its first ever Android phone. Actually three of them. Running on AOSP Android, the Nokia X series is the Finnish giant’s first, and probably last foray into the Android world. Because the Nokia X runs AOSP Android, it does not have any Google services. Nokia is relying on Microsoft services instead. And because this isn’t the Android we’re all used to, it won’t run all of the Android apps. There are two reasons for this: the lack of a Play Store, and the lack of Google services.
nokia x apps

Nokia will solve the Play Store issue by offering its own Nokia Store. Developers can submit their Android apps here for users to download. But can developers simply submit their existing apk file to the store? According to Nokia, about 75% of all existing apps on Android are compatible with Nokia X. This means they require no alteration, and developers only need to submit the apk file to the store. The rest of the 25% apps require around 8 hours of coding to make them compatible with the Nokia Store. Nokia has provided developers with a Nokia X Services SDK to convert their apps. Of course the question remains over whether developers will take any interest in this or not.

Source: Nokia Developer


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