ADATA Launches Premier DDR4-2133 MHz U-DIMM Memory

Memory manufacturers are slowly revealing their line of DDR4 memory before the launch of Haswell-E HEDT CPUs. Though we have yet to see the gaming series memory with 2133 MHz+ speeds and striking heatsinks. ADATA has also revealed its Premier DDR4-2133 MHz memory which comes in 8 GB and 16 GB dual-channel kits. The memory operates at 1.2 v at 15-15-15 latencies. Higher capacity modules are expected to come later when DDR4 platform is actually launched and adopted by users.

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ADATA Premier DDR4-2133 MHz Memory

Suitable ForDesktop PC
Module Specification288 Pin Unbuffered-DIMM
Capacity8 GB /16 GB
Power SupplyVDD & VDDQ = 1.2v
DRAM Activation PSVPP = 2.5 v (min 2.375 v & max 2.75)
DDR4 SpecsDDR4 STD 1.2v
Operating Temperature0° C to +85° C
 WarrantyLimited Lifetime

ADATA’s Premier DDR4-2133 MHz is an entry level memory which serves the purpose of introductory stages. DDR4 memory standard will be adopted on a higher scale with the launch of Intel Skylake CPUs in 2015. Manufacturers will charge a premium on DDR4 modules which is also portrayed on pre-order listings on several retailers.

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Intel Haswell-E HEDT processors are not for an average user and early adopters will have to pay the premium price because Intel’s X99 chipset is not backward compatible with DDR3 memory. ADATA’s Premier DDR4-2133 MHz memory kits features top quality components and limited lifetime warranty. Initially it will serve all the purposes but consumers spending $1000 on a CPU want the best money can buy and ADATA’s XPG gaming series memory is what they will need.

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There is no specific ETA provided by the company on the availability of Premier DDR4-2133 Mhz memory and ADATA didn’t mention the prices as well. We expect the price for 8 GB kit to be around $120 and $180 for the 16 GB Kit. Overclock UK is already accepting pre-orders for Crucial Ballistix DDR4 qaud-channel kits. For more information, you can visit the product page.


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