The Aitomation Story – The company, the lessons and the secret to a successful business


Aitomation, a task automation company, was officially formed in December 2015 when it became a private limited company. The unique story of the beginning of Aitomation has been widely covered in multiple magazines, blogs, forums and social media including articles in Tech in Asia and Tribune. Now the company is at a much more mature stage and is rapidly expanding.

What exactly is Aitomation and what does it do?

According to company’s website, “We are an automation company. We automate repetitive tasks on computer with the use of software just like the robots have done for the industrial sector. We are different from many other companies in that we provide customized solutions to all our clients. We are looking to help companies with their processes and want people to increase their efficiency and productivity. We have already provided solutions to the E-commerce sector, Real Estate sector and Health sector. Aitomation has developed a software for SMEs that helps them reduce their costs & increase productivity by automating all their processes of data entry & virtual assistant work with our software that can and has actually does mimic Humans!”

Background Story

We were once victims ourselves of mindlessly sitting in front of the computer and entering data in Excel and other software for countless number of hours on our jobs before we started the company. It was a fairly meaningless task which annoyed me a lot.

Hence, I asked my younger brother Umair Ehsan, an engineer, college dropout and now CEO of Aitomation, if he could help me. We started looking at different possibilities to automate data entry into Excel along with other applications and finally we succeeded in automating the data entry.

He helped me automate my task in the company and that gave me an idea. If this company has many different tasks that can be automated. Other companies as well will have. We decided that this is something we wanted to pursue and started Aitomation, a company where we help our clients automate mundane and boring tasks.

What we can do

At Aitomation, we offer customized solutions depending on client’s problem but in the grand scheme of things, here’s what we can do:

  • Desktop Automation: Follow a series of steps (on the desktop computer)
  • Web Automation: Follow a series of steps (just like a human) on the internet
  • Data and Web Scraping: Getting data anywhere from the internet or the desktop computer and putting it in (e.g. Excel, MYSQL) a software or program.
  • Automatic Social Media posts: Posting your content on all major social media sites automatically.
  • Automatic website creation: Gathering content from web, changing it and then posting it on website automatically.

Here is an example of web automation where our software makes a post on a WordPress blog comprising of 10 quotes collected from various website:

Aitomation Team

Our team is what I would like to emphasize on, we have a versatile and great team. The co-founders all have different in international and local experiences which are diverse and cover a lot of different areas necessary for a startup.

  • Umair Ehsan, CEO/CTO: A college dropout with lots of programming experience. Has already written about 250 solutions. Also created a software which gets the data from the website you chose with a single click, records any behaviour, and can replicate it.
  • Saad Ehsan, COO: A graduate in economics from Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. After graduation joined Nishat Chunia, one of the biggest textile companies in Pakistan.
  • Shaharyar Ehsan, CMO: A Master’s degree holder in International Business from Germany along with extensive marketing experience working for a marketing startup in Berlin.


Lessons learned – It is not so easy

When we started Aitomation, we thought we would be millionaires within the first six months or at max a year. After all, that is how it was supposed to be according to media. That is what every story we heard about said. Be an entrepreneur, identify the gaps in the market, be the first to move and you will succeed. As soon as you start your business, people will come buying your amazing product and you will start to gain traction. Soon you will start getting investments and soon you will be very rich but that’s not what actually happens.

What actually happens

Reality is far from what media tells us. You start out. You learn that there is a lot for you to learn. Then you learn some more. Then you realize there is even more to learn which is even harder to execute. Then you become a little bit better. Then you have to deal with this huge thing “management” and HR issues. Then you need to balance your finances. Then your adrenaline starts to settle down. You realize after six months to a year that all is not so easy and what media tells you is not exactly true. There is a lot of it that doesn’t seem to come in mainstream media.

So what the media doesn’t want you to know is amidst the fame and the glory; from starting out to being in every popular blog and magazine. It takes years of hard work, learning and self-discipline. What we at Aitomation have discovered is that even though these things are not “cool”. These are the real things that make a business. The idea is worthless on its own no matter how unique and amazing. What’s really required is building that idea into something great. Another thing that we have discovered is that even though this phase is not cool, it is still pretty exciting.

As we have matured into the business, we realize that managing a successful business is more about managing ourselves than anything else. If we can manage ourselves in a proper way, everything else falls right in place. If we can be on time, do our tasks properly and timely then everything else will also work in a timely manner. So yes this battle against time might not seem something big but it does represent something big. Managing oneself which we now believe is the secret to success in business.


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