Alleged picture of Lumia 830 leaked

Windows Phone 8 was released with two devices from Nokia, the Lumia 920 and the 820. This was two years ago. Where Lumia 920 went onto become quite popular, the Lumia 820 sort of fell into a black hole. Ever since then we have seen Nokia release lots of phones based on the design of the Lumia 920. But it looks as if the successor to the Lumia 820 may be coming later this year. A picture of what is being called the Lumia 830 has surfaced.

lumia 830

The picture above was posted on the popular Chinese social network Weibo. The phone is being called the successor to the Lumia 820. Although there is nothing that proves that this is actually a Lumia 830, the source of the picture is the same one that previously leaked out the Lumia 1520 and the Nokia X. Physically the phone looks quite different from the boxy design of the Lumia 820, something which we saw only on the 820 and no other phone from Nokia.

Right now there is no information available on the Lumia 830, except that it will be a mid-ranged device. Microsoft is planning to release three more Windows Phone 8.1 devices later this year which are codenamed ‘Rock’, ‘McLaren’ and ‘Superman’. Rock will be a low end budget phone where as the McLaren will be a flagship phone. Lumia 830 is neither of these three phones, so it looks as if we will be seeing as many as four new phones later this year from Redmond. We will be updating this post as soon as we find out more about this phone.

Source: The Verge


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