AMD A10-6800K APU Review – Richland comes to Desktop

AMD A10-6800K

Socket FM2 and Supported Chipsets:

The Richland APUs use the same FM2 socket as the last year’s Trinity APUs. This is mostly due to the fact that both the APUs have same internal architecture and much hasn’t changed. New APUs can be used with any of the old FM2 socket boards (some might need a BIOS update) but board manufacturers are launching complete new lineups of FM2 socket boards to accompany the new APUs.

There are three chipsets that support FM2 socket APUs; A55, A75 and A85X. The former two, A55 and A75, were released with FM1 sockets for Llano APUs but AMD has carried over these to FM2 socket aswell. The A85X was released last year with the Trinity platform. It is the high-end chipset but the only major feature it brings over the other two is the support for AMD CrossfireX. It also brings support for up eight SATA III 6Gb/s ports; the A75 chipset has only six while the A55 has none. AMD recommends using A85X chipset for unlocked APUs but these should also work on other chipsets without any issue.

AMD Socket FM2 Trinity Chipsets

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