AMD A10-7800 and A10-7850K APUs go on sale

AMD announced a new locked APU to compete against Intel’s Pentium and Core i3 processors. A10-7800 packs Radeon R7 graphics clocked at 720 MHz. The quad-core APU has a base frequency of 3.5 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.9 GHz. The specifications are identical to the flagship A10-7850K but the former has a locked multiplier so overclocking is only possible through its BCLK. Its been six months since the launch of Kaveri APUs but there was no sign of their sale. Today, some Chinese retailers have started selling high-end A10-7800 and A10-7850K APUs for $177 and $185 respectively.

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AMD Kaveri A10-7800 APU Packaging

AMD Kaveri APUs come in the signature black and red packaging but this is not the case with A10-7800. The locked APU comes in white and red packaging. The packaging looks quite appealing and makes the APU stand out from the rest. While packaging does not affect the buying decision of the user, but specifications do.

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AMD A10-7800 APU features 12 compute cores divided in to 4 steamroller CPU cores and 8 Radeon R7 graphics cores. The processors is compatible with FM2+ socket and has a max TDP of 65 W. The graphics cores are clocked at 720 MHz and compete against Intel’s Iris Pro HD 5200 graphics. AMD A10-7800 has 4 MB L2 cache and is priced at 17,980 Yen equivalent to $177.

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On the other hand, AMD A10-7850K APU is also available in Japan at a price of 18,980 Yen equivalent to $185. A10-7850K also features 12 compute cores with Radeon R7 graphics. The flagship APU is clocked at 3.9 GHz instead of 3.5 GHz base frequency of A10-7800. AMD has reduced the TDP of A10-7850K to 65 W from 95 W. The APU supports DDR3-2133 MHz memory and has 4 MB L2 cache.

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AMD A10-7700K is available for 15,980 Yen equivalent to $155. The low-end quad core APUs such as A8-7600 APUs will also go on sale soon for less than $150.

Source: My Drivers


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