AMD Desktop Trinity APUs Delayed [UPDATED]

AMD released second generation of Trinity APU last month and while we saw it being showcased on Computex show floor it looks like its availability has been delayed. APU’s would be powering the mainstream and ultrathin variants and the AIO desktops as well. Allegedly the desktop variants have been delayed till this fall according to the motherboard makers.

GlobalFoundries, the company that has been tasked to deliver AMD the chips told TechReport that yield issues are behind the delay, though it looks like AMD will still have plenty of mobile chips on hand for back to school sales at the end of summer. AMD didn’t reveal much last month about the desktop parts but according to a page on AMD’s website, looks like there will be two models of A8 and A10 models with each having one K series unlocked multiplier processor and a 100W TDP, four cores with frequencies ranging from 3.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz, 4MB L2 cache and Radeon HD 7560D graphics.

UPDATE: We are just told by AMD that desktop Trinity parts will debut in early Q4 (that’s around October or November). Our contact at AMD was a bit hesitant at telling the exact reason behind this change but according to our speculation its because AMD wants to completely focus on the mobile Trinity parts right now.

Source: TechReport, TechSpot



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