AMD HD 7950 Gets A Performance Boost Via BIOS

AMD is kinda off the news these days and all the focus is on NVIDIA’s upcoming GTX 660 Ti but today finally AMD is back in the news with their new BIOS for Radeon HD 7950. This new BIOS will change the base clock of the card and will introduce boost clock like NVIDIA’s GTX 600 series. This is AMD’s try to make the card relevant once again like they did with Radeon HD 7970 GHz. That was a brand new product but AMD is not launching a new product this time. They are just releasing a new BIOS which will boost the base clock from 800 MHz to 850 MHz and boost clock is set at 925 MHz. This upgrade doesn’t come without any cost, base voltage is increased to 1.125v from 1.093v which increases the TDP to 225w from 200W.

The BIOS AMD provided to media sites is for reference HD 7950 SKUs. Other vendors will soon update their cards with new BIOS. Even though AMD is introducing this new BIOS upgrade, still graphics cards bricked during flashing process will not be covered in warranty but the dual BIOS switch on the HD 7950 makes the process a lot more safer.

According to Ryan Smith of AnandTech, new BIOS brings around 6% performance boost and 10% increase in power consumption which means that “it’s difficult to hold a favorable opinion of the 7950B (the one with new BIOS) given what we’ve seen so far”.

Source: AnandTech | TechPowerUp


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