Leaked AMD roadmap reveals a new socket & Kaveri APUs

Latest AMD’s desktop roadmap reveals that the ‘Kaveri’ APUs will be using a new socket FM2+. The new APUs will be launched later this year. Right now, AMD is preparing to launch their Richland APUs in next week which are based on the old FM2 socket. The leaked roadmap also reveals that the current FX-series Vishera processors will not be refreshed in 2013.

Kaveri APU

AMD Kaveri APUs and FM2+ socket:

The Kaveri APUs will be a major refresh since Trinity. The upcoming Richland platform is just a high-level refresh of the last year’s Trinity and is based on the same 32nm manufacturing node. However, the Kaveri platform will be based on the new 28nm process and will feature an all new architecture. On the CPU side, Kaveri will be featuring 2-4 modules of company’s new ‘Steamroller’ architecture which will bring higher IPC performance, new instruction set and HSA support. On the GPU side, it’ll be completely based on Sea Island GPUs with GCN architecture and 6-12 compute units instead of the aging VLIW architecture. This will put Kaveri’s GPU performance somewhere near the Radeon HD 7790 making it a major threat to Intel’s upcoming Iris and Iris Pro graphics.

AMD is usually known for keeping sockets around for long period of time but in the APU scene, they changed two sockets since last three generations and the Kaveri will once again bring a new socket. The only reason that we can think of bringing the FM2+ is that AMD might be introducing DDR4/GDDR5 support to drive their graphics performance to a whole new level.

Source: Computer Base


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