AMD details Kaveri Desktop APU, launch date announced

AMD Kaveri Desktop

Finally, AMD has officially announced their long-rumored and much anticipated Kaveri APUs at their annual developer conference which is now known as APU13. Like the previous APU launches, the desktop ones will be released earlier with mobile and server models following later. Hence, AMD has only revealed some architectural details and launch date of Kaveri desktop models as yet.

AMD Kaveri Desktop

AMD Kaveri Specifications and Architecture Details:

AMD Kaveri platform is probably one of the biggest fruits of company’s ATI acquisition back in 2006. And this is likely the biggest APU launch for the company. On the CPU side, Kaveri APUs have AMD’s latest Streamroller architecture. The top-end Kaveri APU, which is reportedly A10-7850K, will have four cores (two modules). Steamroller CPU architecture is designed to improve single-core execution, a segment where AMD has always lacked, and computation efficiency. On the GPU side, the A10-7850K will feature 8 CUs based on the GCN 1.1 architecture. This will put the stream processor count at 512 which is equivalent of Radeon HD 7750 however it’ll be classified under the Radeon R7 series. According to footnotes in some official AMD slides, the CPU cores of the A10-7850K are clocked at 3.7 GHz and GPU cores are at 720 MHz. AMD claims it’ll output 856 GFLOPS of combined floating point performance.

AMD A10-7850K ‘Kaveri’ AMD A10-6800K ‘Richland’ AMD A10-5800K ‘Trinity’
Cores 4 4 4
Turbo Core 3.0 Y Y Y
Base Clock 3.7 GHz 4.1 GHz 3.8 GHz
Turbo Clock ? 4.4 GHz 4.2 GHz
L2 Cache 4MB 4MB 4MB
GPU Radeon R7 series (GCN 1.1) Radeon HD 8670D Radeon HD 7660D
Stream Processors 512 384 384
GPU Clock 720 MHz 844 MHz 800 MHz
Launch Date 14th January, 2014 4th June, 2013 2nd October, 2012

Furthermore, AMD is also incorporating their new GPU technologies, TrueAudio and Mantle, into Kaveri APUs. This will bring dedicated audio processing to the APUs which can really end up being beneficial in smaller form factors. AMD is also bringing their HSA enhancements to APUs with Kaveri. This will let both CPU and GPU share a same block of memory (up to 32GB) along with several other improvements in compute potential of APUs.

AMD Kaveri Desktop

AMD will start shipping new Kaveri APUs by the end of December but they’ll go on sale on 14th January, 2014. More details will be revealed on CES 2014 in January so stay tuned.


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