AMD Introduces Mantle API and Gaming Evolved App

AMD has launched a new line of Radeon R-200 series GPUs based on the latest Graphics Core Next 2.0 architecture. What makes these new graphics cards stand out from the competition? The new technologies launched alongside. The company detailed a “Game Changing” technology, Mantle API which will bring console-like optimization on PC. Apart from that, AMD also revealed its Gaming Evolved App which is an answer to NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience.

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AMD Mantle API with Battlefield 4

As we already know that AMD is the mastermind behind next-generation console’s architecture. Gaming consoles perform relatively slower than gaming PCs, but games run smoother on them due to maximum optimization from game developers. Gaming PCs are 10 times more powerful in general but due to millions of hardware combinations, game developers cannot optimize a single game for every PC. So this task is dedicated to the end user and its not easy to tweak a game for optimal settings without the know how of the settings. This is where AMD Mantle API steps in, the company believes that this low-level API will give developers the chance to optimize the games for AMD GCN GPUs (HD 7000 & R-200 series). Gamers with Radeon GPUs will be able to get the best possible experience of games with Mantle API.

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AMD Gaming Roadmap has four pillars – Graphics Core Next, TrueAudio, Super High Resolution Gaming and Mantle API. The company will reveal more about the Mantle API in its upcoming Developer Summit in November.

AMD Gaming Evolved App – Powered by Raptr

There is no doubt that NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience has helped millions of gamers around the world to optimize game settings on their gaming setups. AMD’s Gaming Evolved program is already a success mainly because of Never Settle games bundle with Radeon GPUs. Getting free games is one nothing but being able to enjoy them with a playable FPS is another. We have witnessed people with high-end hardware not being able enjoy a game at playable FPS. Balance between quality and performance is the key. This is where AMD seeks help from Raptr, already a success in the gaming community with over 19 million users worldwide.

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Raprt has designed AMD’s Gaming Evolved App which will optimize the in-game visual settings for gamers so they get the best possible gaming experience. It will not only optimize the game for you, but also users will get free rewards for playing games. Raptr has given prizes worth more than $20 million, so same is the case here – the more you play, the more you win. It will also allow gamers to broadcast directly from the game without the need of external software or hardware. The in-game menu allows gamers to take screenshots, watch videos, use Facebook or Twitter and share their videos on Raptr without the need of leaving the game. Let’s see how NVIDIA tackles the added features of AMD’s Gaming Evolved App.

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