AMD to discontinue Radeon HD 7850 1GB

AMD Radeon HD 7850 1 GB graphics card might have reached the end of its life, not due to outdated hardware but due to competition from one if its low priced siblings, the HD 7790. It was expected that HD 7790 will not only give a tough time to its competitors but as well as its own siblings. Only %10 performance increase will be gained over HD 7790 by spending around $40 extra for HD 7850 1 GB graphics card.


According to Fudzilla’s sources, HD 7850 will be discontinued soon since it will lose its market share to HD 7790. AIB partners are hesitant to spend money on producing the GPU since consumers will end up buying the newer GPU and in the end manufacturers will incur losses. AMD was trying to force manufacturers not to produce factory overclocked custom variants of HD 7790 since it will affect HD 7850’s sales, but instead the partners chose to discontinue HD 7850 and cover that %10 performance with overclocked variants of HD 7790.

There are also some speculations that HD 7850 is being discontinued because of a decrease in availability of memory chips but several sources deny this. According to them, if these rumors were true then some other graphics cards would also be in EOL list, so the sole reason for the discontinuation of HD 7850 is the HD 7790. There is still plenty of stock available for the HD 7850 and its widely available so it will take some time since we start noticing the end of its life.

Source: Fudzilla 


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