AMD Radeon HD7870 can be used with HD7900 Series in CrossFireX

AMD launched a new GPU in late-November codenamed “Tahiti LE” which is based on the same “Tahiti” silicon found in HD 7900 series graphics cards. The new graphics card is named Radeon HD7870 and is priced between HD7870 GHz Edition and HD7950. TechPowerUp has discovered a new feature of HD7870, that it can be paired along with HD7900 series graphics cards in AMD CrossFireX.


The new addition to the HD7800 series family brought many confusions to the users since it carried the same model name as the HD7870 GHz Edition but it was not based on the same “Pitcairn” silicon. During their review of Club3D HD7870 Joker Card, TeachPowerUp discovered good and bad things about the graphics card. The bad thing was that it cannot be paired with the already available HD7800 series graphics card but the the good or rather shocking news is when they had an intution since the card is based on Tahiti then it might as well possible that it can be paired with the HD7900 series. And it came out to be true, they even tested it with HD7950 and HD7970 (reference design) and ran 3D Mark 11 as well as Sleeping Dogs. Though the scaling was good but they did experience some stutter during the 3D Mark11 test but Sleeping Dog was smooth.

This is great news for current HD7900 series users since they can upgrade to a dual GPU setup by just spending under $300.

Source: TechPowerUp


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