AMD to celebrate 30 years of graphics with the launch of Radeon R9 285

AMD is celebrating 30 years of graphics and gaming innovation on August 23rd, 2014. The company will unveil its latest generation of Tonga GPUs at the same event as well. Tonga based Radeon R9 285 is expected since the early weeks of August and now we finally have a launch date. Radeon R9 285 is set to place the current Tahiti Pro GPU with better performance and improved power consumption. However, apart from the evolution of its graphics innovation AMD did not reveal any details of the event instead just a teaser “What’s Next?”.

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AMD Radeon R9 285 will launch on August 23rd, 2014

AMD had its ups and down in the last three decades but still managed to stay on top. We have seen many innovations especially in the last 10 years when technology started growing at a rapid pace. Hardware technology has progressed so much that software is failing to keep up with its pace. AMD wins in one department and that’s the price to performance ratio. The GPU wars will go on forever because both companies try to come on top but looking at AMD’s history one cannot deny that it did bring a lot of innovations. The first Dual GPU solution in 1999 then the introduction of CrossFire in 2005 and so on. Once history has been made, its time to look at the future. The event on 23rd of this month will mark the start of next generation graphics solution, Tonga.

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The alleged specifications of Radeon R9 285 were leaked a week ago. Radeon R9 285 features the Tonga Pro GPU equipped with 1792 shaders clocked at 918 MHz. The GPU comes with 2 GB GDDR5 memory spread across a 256-bit memory interface. Unfortunately, the manufacturing process remains at 28 nm due to some production issues but 20 nm is not far away. R9 285 will also draw less power compared to Tahiti Pro and comes with a TDP of 150 W.

Radeon R9 285 custom variants will come with their own unique cooling solutions and factory clocks. Some of them were exposed earlier this month. Tonga Pro’s elder sibling Tonga XT is expected to début next month under the name Radeon R9 285X. It will feature 2048 shaders with 3 GB GDDR5 memory spread across a 384-bit memory interface.

Start the countdown because we are only 96 hours away from the launch of AMD Radeon R9 285.

Source: AMD Facebook 


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