AMD Radeon R9 285 ‘Tonga’ launch date leaked

AMD’s new Tonga GPU has been in rumors for a while now. Later on, it got a name; the Radeon R9 285. Now, we’ve its release plan as well. We published a report few days ago revealing that AMD will launch their new Tonga based Radeon R9 285 on their “30 years of graphics” celebrations but now, thanks to VideoCardz, we’ve the complete plan including the retail availability date.

AMD 30 Years Celebration Radeon R9 285 _2

According to the new info from VideoCardz, AMD will reveal some information about the R9 285 at their 30 years’ celebrations on August 23, 2014 whereas the complete specifications and reviews will hit the web on September 2, 2014. That’s the same date the cards will be available for purchase on all the major retail outlets.

Even though AMD is launching the new GPU on the event but lots of other things will be discussed there as well. Furthermore, the R9 280 is just the start of ‘Tonga’ and it’ll replace the R9 280. Later down the road, AMD will unveil the R9 285X which will replace the R9 280X.

AMD Radeon R9 285 NDA

The alleged specifications of Radeon R9 285 were leaked a week ago. Radeon R9 285 features the Tonga Pro GPU equipped with 1792 shaders clocked at 918 MHz. The GPU comes with 2 GB GDDR5 memory spread across a 256-bit memory interface. Unfortunately, the manufacturing process remains at 28 nm due to some production issues but 20 nm is not far away. R9 285 will also draw less power compared to Tahiti Pro and comes with a TDP of 150 W.

Radeon R9 285 custom variants will come with their own unique cooling solutions and factory clocks. Some of them were exposed earlier this month. Tonga Pro’s elder sibling Tonga XT is expected to début later in September under the name Radeon R9 285X. It will feature 2048 shaders with 3 GB GDDR5 memory spread across a 384-bit memory interface.


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