AMD has reportedly canceled Radeon R9 285X

AMD Radeon R9 285X

AMD launched their Radeon R9 285 last month featuring the new Tonga PRO GPU. This graphics card replaced the Radeon R9 280 at a lower price point of $249. Back then, it was rumored that AMD will launch Radeon R9 285X; a faster graphics card based on the Tonga XT GPU which will replace the R9 280X.

AMD Radeon R9 285X

However, as NVIDIA is now launching their new Maxwell based cards and their GeForce GTX 970 is a pretty fast card and it’ll reportedly retail for $399. That has apparently made AMD reconsider their strategy. A latest tweet from company’s official Radeon Graphics Twitter account has revealed that they are only launching the R9 285. It is not sure whether the R9 285X is completely written off or it has been delayed. It was initially expected in last days of September.



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