AMD Reduces Prices of Athlon II and A-Series Processors

AMD dropping the prices of their newly released APUs was already expected. Yesterday AMD updated their official price list in which they listed down price cuts to their A-Series and Athlon II processors. AMD decreased prices of their Athlon II dual, triple and quad core processors by nearly 14%, most discounted being Athlon II X4 640 and Athlon II X2 265 which received price-cuts of 31% and 30% respectively. Athlon II X3 and X4 are now priced similar to Intel Pentium Processors while Dual-Core Athlon IIs and A4-Series APUs are now priced from $36-$48 similar to Intel Celeron Processors.

AMD also slashed prices on their “Pilediver” APUs; the A4-5300 is now 11% cheaper than before. AMD A6-3670K, A8-3850 and A8-3870K also received price-cuts. Two Athlon II Processors, X3 445 and X4 638, are most probably discontinued since they weren’t mentioned on the list. Below is the complete list of processors which received the price-cuts:

Source: CPU World


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