Exclusive: AMD Richland APU desktop prices & release date leaked

AMD announced their A-series Richland mobile APUs back in March and they impressed the critics with their low power consumption and powerful graphics. Today, a very credible source of ours provided us with a table which shows the complete upcoming desktop Richland APU lineup along with their expected competitors and prices.

AMD will be launching a total of 5 APUs and all of them will use FM2 socket. Leading the pack is the A10-6800K; it has four cores and Radeon HD 8670D graphics chip. The cores have a maximum clock of 4.4 GHz and it’ll be priced at $142. Following it closely is the A10-6700; it is also a quad core model but with locked multiplier limiting its overclocking ability. Its maximum clock is 4.3 GHz and it’ll cost $122.

AMD Richland APU

There are two A8 model; 6600K and 6500. Both have four CPU cores along with Radeon HD 8570D graphics. A8-6600K has maximum clock of 4.2 GHz while the A8-6500 has 4.1 GHz. These will be priced at $112 and $91 respectively. The only dual core model in the lineup is the A6-6400K. It has Radeon HD 8470D graphics and a maximum clock of 4.1 GHz. It’ll be priced at $69.

AMD will be releasing these new APUs on June 4, 2013. However, they’ll still keep selling most of the last generation APUs aswell.


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