AMD Showcases Temash SoC for Tablets at MWC 2013

AMD revealed its new Temash processor based on Jaguar architecture at Mobile World Congress 2013. The performance of the new SoC was showcased in several demo tablets. Its a quad-core processor with integrated Radeon HD graphics which makes it a powerful processor for power-efficient tablets.

Earlier, we reported that AMD is planning to bring a truly new experience in tablet gaming and it promises that Temash is their gateway to this experience as its powerful enough to handle DirectX 11 games at up to 1080p resolution. At this time, only Razer Edge Pro is a complete gaming tablet with NVIDIA graphics and Intel Core i series processor but it does cost an arm and a leg. Not only Temash is a powerful SoC, its very power efficient as well. It uses only 1 watt during web browsing and other low powered tasks, and in the battery mode it uses only 5.9 watts during more power hungry tasks, which is great for upcoming Windows 8 based tablets. It is capable of giving users an enhanced gaming experience as well as a longer battery life.

AMD Temash SoC MWC 2013_1

A unique feature of Temash is the Turbo dockng mode which reveals its true potential and takes up to 15 watts of power. When in docked mode, Temash gives a hard time to Intel Core i5 in some tests and brings down Intel Atom to its knees. Its really astonishing that such powerful processors are being integrated in to handheld tablets. In order to control the heat produced by the processor, the docking station has a built-in fan which makes sure that it stays cool while giving maximum performance.

Temash based tablets are expected to arrive in Q4 2013 or Q1 2014. Even thought, its hard to challenge Apple iPad due to its strong market share but with extra features such as HDMI port and USB 3.0, Temash based Windows tablet might be able to capture some market. However, there is one issue which every Windows 8 based tablet is facing, and that is the storage space. The operating system takes up a lot of space for installation and users are not happy with that. AMD Temash has the potential to be a competitive product in the market and might even become on of the most widely used processor in Windows 8 tablets.

Source: VR-Zone


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