AMD Trinity A-Series APUs Will Feature 28nm Radeon 7000 Series GPUs

According to a slide shown by GlobalFoundries, AMD’s upcoming 28nm Radeon 7000 Series graphics chips will be used in upcoming AMD Trinity APUs. AMD “Trinity” APUs will succeed current ‘Llano’ APUs. This slide also confirms that AMD’s 28nm next generation graphic chips will be designated with HD 7xxx.

AMD is expecting a 50% increase in gigaFLOP performance with Trinity APUs. AMD Trinity will be based upon ‘Piledriver’ core architecture, it is an evolved x86 architecture that uses the modular shared resource design of Bulldozer, with much higher IPC compared to Stars architecture.

Trinity for notebooks is codenamed as ‘Comal’ and for desktops its ‘Virgo’. AMD is willing to bring these to market in 2012.

Source: FudZilla


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