Android L ‘Project Volta’ gets tested; comes back with impressive results

We have already covered all the major new features Google announced for Android L during the I/O keynote. Between a completely new Material Design and tons of under the hood changes, it goes without saying that Android L is shaping up to be the biggest update to the OS yet. One of the features that Google spent some time on stage was with Project Volta. The past few updates to Android have come with a different ‘project’ such as Project Butter or Project Svelte. These projects aim to rectify one major problem or improve upon something specific on Android. With Project Volta, the focus is on battery. Through several underlying technologies, Google will aim to greatly enhance battery on Android L thanks to Project Volta.

project volta

Of course claims are one thing and the reality another. Does Project Volta really make a difference? It would be unfair to judge whether it’s a success based on a very early developer preview, but that is what Ars Technica did and they came back with surprising results. The battery test was performed on a Nexus 5. It keeps the screen on and automatically loads webpages over Wi-Fi every 15 seconds until the battery dies.

Android L Battery

Running Android 4.4 KitKat, Ars Technica managed 345 minutes of battery time. However running a developer preview of Android L with Project Volta, the battery time saw a big boost at 471 minutes, which is a massive 36% improvement. Remember that this is a developer preview which isn’t even fit for use as a daily driver. By the time it is finalised and seeded we can expect even more impressive gains. For now though we can conclude that with the help of Project Volta and the new JobScheduler API (the new ART runtime may be playing a big role here as well), Google may just solve, or at least greatly improve upon one of the biggest issues that plagues Android today.

Source: Ars Technica 


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