Android powered Lumia phone rumoured to be under works

It is no secret that Microsoft has had a very tough time pitching the Windows Phone OS as the third ecosystem in the market. It’s been nearly four years since the OS was first released and it has not gotten anywhere. User base in the US and China is practically non-existant, and outside of a few small countries it has not gained the traction Microsoft would have hoped. In fact Nokia, which sold Windows Phone exclusively, itself has practically given up on the platform with the release of the Nokia X lineup of phones. And if the latest rumour is true, then it looks as if Microsoft too is about to throw in the towel.

Nokia X

According to a tidbit by evleaks, an Android-powered Lumia is coming soon. It will have the ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding that we saw on the recently leaked Lumia 830. Unfortunately there is no more information given at the moment. If we are to guess, it is possible that Microsoft wants to expand the Nokia X platform to higher end phones. The Nokia X platform does not run any Google services and instead relies on Microsoft services such as OneDrive and Outlook. However that being said, Nokia already has an X lineup of smartphones that run Android. The Lumia brand has been exclusive to Windows Phones.

We’re not sure what the future has in store for Windows Phone if this news turns out to be accurate. Microsoft has been strictly anti-Google for a while now and as a result has turned its fanbase anti-Google as well. How they will react to a Lumia phone running Android is anyone’s guess. What is even more important to consider is how Windows Phone developers will react if this phone turns out to be true. If Microsoft has no faith in its OS, how will anyone else?

Source: Evleaks


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