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Apple iPhone crosses 1 billion sales milestone


Apple has announced earlier today that the iPhone has just reached the 1 billion sales milestone. The company held a small internal event at their Cupertino offices where Tim Cook made the announcement. “iPhone has become one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in history,” Cook said. “It’s become more than a constant companion. iPhone is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day.”

Apple debuted the iPhone in 2007 and it took them about 9 years to reach this milestone. Its very impressive and shows how fast technology is penetrating masses. To put things into perspective, PC took about 25 years to reach 1 billion sales. And that’s collective sales of all PC manufacturers. On the other hand, Apple single-handedly sold 1 billion pieces of a single product. Another interesting fact is that the first 500 million iPhones were sold in March 2014 – about 7 years since launch – while the second 500 million took only about 2.5 years.

Despite achieving such a huge milestone, Apple is still in hot water as the iPhone sales are constantly going down since last two quarters. Company is expected to launch the next iPhone in about a month but that is also a marginal upgrade which won’t be breaking any sales records. A more radical overhaul is due in 2017 on iPhone’s 10th anniversary.


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