Apple reportedly working on $99 iPhone alongside iPhone 5S

The Apple brand has never been associated with lower end products, or products that are aimed at the budget market. This has been the mantra of the company ever since its inception and it holds true for the iPhone as well. Launched in 2007, the iPhone has become a status symbol of sorts in the smartphone world. It’s partly due to its high price and partly because of the level of finesse Apple puts into it. So the idea of Apple actually releasing a lower end iPhone will certainly raise an eye brow or two.

iphone 5

Reuters reports that Apple is working on a $99 iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S to be released later this year. There isn’t a whole lot known about this low end iPhone on the specs front. It’s reported to be made out of plastic, the first for an iPhone after the 3GS. It will also be offered in a variety of colors, up to five or six. Foxconn manufactures the iPhone 5 and they will do so for the iPhone 5S as well. Pegatron will be responsible for manufacturing the $99 iPhone.

Reuters also reports that a 5.7-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone is also under Apple’s consideration. Next year is when we might get to see these large screened iPhones if the plan to go ahead with them materializes. It’s also pertinent to mention that just last month at the D11 conference Apple CEO Tim Cook denied any possibility of a large iPhone due to the ergonomic challenges it poses.

Source: Reuters


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