Apple to lessen reliance on Samsung for future iPhone chipsets

Despite the legal battles between Samsung and Apple and the relentless attacks on each other, both these companies rely on each other as parts manufacturer and purchaser. Samsung has been making the chipset that powers the iPhone ever since the first one released back in 2007. Apple might not have the same fuzzy feelings for Samsung as it might have 5 years ago, but it’s extremely hard to quickly change suppliers for such a critical product. For the next iPhone though Apple is looking to lessen its reliance on Samsung more than ever before.


Apple had struck a deal with TSMC to produce future chipsets for the iPhone back in June. The teardown of the iPhone 5S however revealed that the A7 chipset is still manufactured by Samsung. Whatever the deal Apple struck with TSMC is evidently yet to materialise. A Korean newspaper has reported that for the next iPhone TSMC will be responsible for nearly 70% of the A8 (alleged name) manufactured. The remainder will made by Samsung.

It will take a considerable amount of time before Apple completely rids itself of Samsung. Even then it might not happen. The memory modules and other storage components used in MacBooks are still Samsung made.

Source: TheVerge


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