Apple to open public OS X Yosemite beta tomorrow

At the WWDC earlier this year, Apple unveiled the biggest ever visual update to their desktop OS. OS X Yosemite brings a lot of new features. From a completely revamped user interface to many under the hood enhancements and the unparalleled integration with the iPhone, it’s pretty clear that OS X Yosemite is turning out to be one hotly anticipated update. Right after WWDC concluded developers were able to get their hands on the beta version of the OS. But come tomorrow, the OS X Yosemite beta for everyone will be available.


If you want OS X Yosemite beta on your Mac then you’ll need to sign up, and sign up quickly because only the first million will get a chance to taste the beta. Once you’ve signed up, Apple will send a code which you will be able to redeem on the Mac App Store. To install Yosemite you will need to first install Mavericks, which is also free of cost. As it is always the case with any beta, do not expect a fully functional OS. In fact Apple themselves recommend you install it on a secondary machine. The beta will have a feedback system where users will be able to report issues and bugs.

OS X Yosemite beta will not have Continuity support as it requires iOS 8. The public beta will also not going to be updated as frequently as the developer beta.

Source: Apple


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