Apple signs deal with TSMC to produce A series chipsets

Apple and Samsung aren’t exactly on the best of terms. The two companies have been fighting various different battles in court over the past year or so. Naturally the relationship between the two is quite sour to say the least. But despite these differences Apple and Samsung rely on each other for parts manufacturer and receiver. Samsung manufactures the chipsets that go into all Apple iDevices. But with differences being created between the two Apple is now looking for a new supplier. That new supplier is TSMC.


TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing) has been on Apple’s cards as the next supplier for the A series chipsets for quite a while now. But with such tremendous demand of iPhones and iPads there were technical difficulties in keeping up with Apple’s standards. The deal was delayed for a months because of this but now it has been finalised. TSMC will start making chipsets for Apple starting in 2014.

Apple’s reliance on Samsung won’t be over however. Samsung will still remain Apple’s primary supplier throughout 2014. Not to mention they still provide Apple with memory chipsets for all their products, including MacBooks. Even some of the screens in the iPad and Macs are produced by Samsung, although Apple is trying to lessen their dependence.

Source: WSJ


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