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Apple Stores will have stock of iPhone X on Nov 3

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X is about to be launched in a couple of days. Its not only Apple’s most important iPhone launch since the first one but it also seems to becoming the most controversial one. There have been reports that the highly anticipated iPhone X will be in very short supply on the launch day and only the lucky ones will be able to get one. There have been some rocky iPhone launches in the past but this will probably surpass them all.

However, Apple just published a press release announcing that iPhone X will be available in company’s physical stores on launch day. And people who really want to walk out with Apple’s latest iPhone should come a bit early. Prior to this, Apple has always encouraged their customers to order their phones online to avoid any inconvenience. This is the first time Apple is pushing their physical stores for launch day shopping. On iPhone 7/7 Plus launch, there were even some variations of the phone especially the Jet Black color which was not available in any store on launch day.

It could mean a couple of things. Either Apple simply wanted to assure everyone that they have ample supply of the iPhone X which seems to be very unlikely. Or Apple simply wants to create hype for the upcoming iPhone and want to have more people lined up. Either way, everything will become clear on November 3.


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