Asetek Puts Liquid Cooling in ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid Graphics Card Cooler

Asetek, the world leading supplier of liquid cooling for the computer industry announced today that its GPU cooling technology provides the liquid cooling for ARCTIC’s new Accelero Hybrid Graphics Card Cooler for Enthusiasts. The ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid is the first graphics card cooler to integrate air and liquid cooling to deliver the superior performance of liquid cooling and compatibility with a vast range of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Historically, the biggest impediment to liquid cooling graphics cards was the approach of liquid cooling the whole card. This requires a unique solution for each card, which is expensive. In addition, the lack of information on card layout prior to launch from the major vendors makes such solutions habitually late to market,” notes Steve Branton, Director of Marketing at Asetek. “The fact is, the GPU generates the vast majority of the heat on a graphics cards and by simply liquid cooling the GPU it is possible to achieve record breaking overclocks at amazingly low noise levels. But more performance is possible by optimizing air cooling for the rest of the card. This is what ARCTIC has done with their Accelero Hybrid.

ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid takes an innovative approach to graphics card cooling. It uses proven, maintenance free, simple to install all-in-one Asetek liquid cooling technology to cool the GPU. ARCTIC technology provides an elegant, extremely quiet, easy-to-install air cooling solution for the remainder of the card.  The result is a graphics liquid cooling solution that provides enthusiasts excellent overclocking capability and noise reduction for a wide range of popular cards, including the recently introduced NVIDIA GTX 670 and GTX 680.

For more information on the product, click here.


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