ASRock X99 Extreme6 Haswell-E motherboard unveiled

ASRock X99 Extreme6

ASRock has unveiled a number of their X99 motherboards in past couple of days including the Fatal1ty X99X Killer, Falat1ty X99M Killer and the X99 WS and now they are unveiling the X99 Extreme6. The ‘Extreme6′ SKUs usually sit in the middle of ASRock’s product stack and same would be the case with the X99 Extreme6. It features a black and blue design similar to the X99 WS. We’ve previously seen this color scheme on ASUS’ motherboards.

ASRock X99 Extreme6

ASRock X99 Extreme6:

On a quick glance, the X99 Exreme6 looks a lot like the X99 WS, just with a less number of PCIe slots. It has the same LGA 2011-3 socket that we’ve naturally seen on all similar boards. Socket is surrounded by eight DDR4 memory slots which supports up to 128 GB of memory. The X99 Extreme6 has a 12-phase CPU power delivery system similar to its workstation sibling. It gets power from a single 8-pin EPS power connector.

The PCI expansion portfolio of X99 Extreme6 includes three PCIe x16 slots and two PCIe x1 slots. These slots are placed in such a manner that three dual-slot graphics card can be installed and one of the PCIe x1 slots will still be free. Furthermore, the motherboard also comes loaded with an Ultra M.2 slot as well as an mSATA slot. These is a 4-pin molex connector near the PCI expansion area which obviously provides extra power to the slots.

ASRock X99 Extreme6

In terms of storage expansion, the X99 Extreme6 has ten SATA III ports and a number of USB 2.0/3.0 ports and headers. Other features includes on-board power/reset buttons, diagnostic LED, Purity Sound 2, dual gigabit Ethernet with support for ASRock Cloud.

There is a total of three heatsinks on the motherboard. Two of them are for CPU VRM and these are connected together via a heatpipe. The third one is from the Intel X99 PCH.

ASRock has not unveiled the pricing of the motherboard but we expect to know more as the official launch of X99 and Haswell-E is on August 29, 2014.

ASRock X99 Extreme6


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