ASRock Z77 Extreme9 Motherboard Review

BIOS Survey:

ASRock Z77 Extreme9 comes with a well laid UEFI firmware. You can enter it by pressing F2 on boot.
The primary screen shows major information about the system components like CPU, memory and UEFI version.

Two notable features found on the primary screen are ‘System Browser’ and ‘OMG (Online Management Guard)’. System Browser is actually a little tool which tells you what is installed on your motherboard in a graphical manner. You can move your mouse to any component to get more information about it. It also tells that what is connected on the back I/O panel and which SATA ports are populated. OMG is a networking management tool. It can restrict all networking related activities during a user defined time. Restrictions can be set for the whole week.

Next up is the ‘OC Tweaker’ menu; it has all the overclocking related options. Top three setting are for automatic overclocking of CPU and iGPU. ‘Load Optimized CPU OC Setting’ menu lets you selects frequencies ranging from 4.2 GHz to 4.8 GHz which increments of 200 MHz. ‘Load Optimized GPU OC Setting’ automatically overclocks the iGPU. A lot of other overclocking related setting and voltage settings can be found in this menu.

ASRock Z77 Extreme9 offers up to 3 user defined profiles.

The OC Tweaker menu leads to memory configuration menu. A lot of memory related options are available here.

Next up is the ‘Advanced’ menu; it has sub-menus for CPU, North Bridge, South Bridge, Storage, Super I/O and other settings. There is an option called ‘Instant Flash’, it’s a UEFI updating utility. You have to copy the latest UEFI firmware on a flash drive in a way specified by ASRock and this clicking this option will take care of the rest.

Another interesting feature, ASRock introduces with this motherboard is ‘Internet Flash’. Clicking this option will initiate UEFI firmware update if system is connected to internet. It’ll do everything on its own.

‘H/W Monitor’ lets you monitor different aspects of the system like voltage, temperatures and fan speeds. Here we see another latest feature by ASRock, its ‘Dehumidifer’. Enabling this feature will protect motherboard from damages cause by dampness as once this feature is enabled system will automatically power up itself after certain time to get rid of humidity (watch this video for more details on this feature).

Boot menu gives several boot related options like boot priorities and boot from LAN.

Security menu lets you set password for UEFI so that no one can enter your settings without authorizations.

The last menu ‘Exit’ has usual options regarding saving, discarding or loading default settings and exiting the UEFI.

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