ASRock Z77 OC Formula Motherboard Review


ASRock is comparatively a new player in high-end motherboard market but recently it is giving some hard time to the big players. Last year, it grabbed the 3rd place in motherboard manufacturer leader board. Main reason behind their success is that their motherboards have a good balance of features and price which is usually not found in boards from ASUS or GIGABYTE. ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional is a good example of this; for $200 it is what everyone wants.

Recently, ASRock launched Z77 OC Formula motherboard; it’s a completely new kind of product in their line-up. Nick Shih, ASRock’s in-house overclocker, specially designed it for Intel Ivy Bridge overclocking. Other companies have also been making overclocking-oriented products for quite some time but this trend ‘officially’ came into existence with GIGABBYTE’s X58 OC.

Anyhow, our today’s product under focus is the ASRock Z77 OC Formula. There are a couple of things which puts this motherboard apart from other ASRock motherboards. To begin with, it brings an all new yellow and black colour scheme to company’s line-up. Secondly, it comes with softwares which are specifically designed for this motherboard like Formula Drive and Nick Shih’s OC Profile. That’s for the outlook of the motherboard but ASRock has also changed quite a lot under the hood. With Z77 OC Formula, the company opted for CHiL CHL8328 voltage regulator. It’s an 8-phase controller with digital design. ASRock’s X79 motherboard and ASUS’s ROG series motherboards come with this controller. The memory and PCH is also fitted with a beefier 4-phase power design. The cooling system of this motherboard is designed in-collaboration with Gelid Solution.

Let’s have a quick look at Z77 OC Formula’s specifications before we dive deep down into it.

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