ASRock Z77 OC Formula Motherboard Review

Formula Drive:

ASRock has prepared some new software that is specifically designed for the Z77 OC Formula motherboard. To begin with, we’ve the ‘Formula Drive’. It’s basically a tweaking and monitoring utility for the motherboard and in terms of functionality it closely resembles with ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility but in terms of design, it resembles the box of the motherboard.

The first tab is a complete hardware monitor. It shows everything from frequency to temperatures to voltages to fan speeds. The second tab is named ‘Fan-tastic tuning’ and it lets you tune the speed of all the fans individually according to the temperatures.

The ‘Overclocking’ tab comes next and as the name suggests it lets you overclock your CPU. You can adjust both the base clock and multiplier here. It also has a number of voltage settings and you can also save or load profiles from here. The ‘OC DNA’ tab tells about the BIOS version of the motherboard and its release date.

The ‘IES’ let’s you toggle the ‘Intelligent Energy Saving’ feature on or off. When it’s turned on, the software intelligently increases or decreases the number of active phases to save power. It also works even when the CPU is overclocked.

The ‘Multi Thermal Sensor’ is a very exciting and useful part of this utility. As soon as you click the tab, it starts showing temperature of CPU, motherboard and 13 different spots on the motherboard. Another window pops up showing the location of each sensor. In terms of temperature monitoring, one cannot wish anymore.

The XFast RAM tab lets you create virtual RAM disk and set different options related to it. The last ‘Options’ tab lets you select which parts of the Formula Drive utility you want to hide.

Timing Configurator:

In case you noticed, the Formula Drive doesn’t come with any memory related settings. This is where Timing Configurator comes in. It still doesn’t let you adjust the memory divider ratio but you can adjust a whole lot of other memory related settings. All the timings in this software, except CAS latency, can be changed on the run without any need of a reboot.

Rapid OC Configurator:

The Rapid OC Configurator is a small utility which works in relation with on-board Rapid OC button. It lets you select different options related to those buttons such as which setting you’ll like to adjust with the push of those buttons and in what counts. You can also configure your own hotkeys.

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