ASUS & GIGABYTE Expanding Motherboard Warranty Period

Motherboard manufacturers have been decreasing motherboard prices due to weak global economy and fierce competition but now they are taking the competition to a whole new level with expanding warranty periods. GIGABYTE took the first step and they’ll be increasing warranty period up to 4 years by the end of the year. They’ll not only fix motherboards free of cost if something goes wrong on their part but they’ll also try to fix the motherboards for free even if its user’s fault.

ASUS, following the GIGABYTE’s lead, will not only increase the warranty period but they’ll also fix motherboards if damaged is caused by user and if the product is not repairable then they’ll replace it for free along with free pick up and delivery.

These changes will obviously benefit users but these might cause an increase in prices as well because to repair motherboards free of cost manufacturers will have to purchase components on their own.

Source: DigiTimes


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