ASUS Launches ROG ARES III; world’s fastest graphics card powered by AMD

The world is moving on to the next generation graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA but one cannot stare away from ASUS’s ARES GPUs. The company just launched ARES III, the world’s fastest graphics card powered by two Hawaii XT chips and cooled by a full-cover EK waterblock. ARES III is a limited edition GPU which only a handful of lucky people can get their hands on after paying a hefty premium. This is not just any Radeon R9 295X2, its designed with the best components available and cherry picked up Hawaii XT chips.



ARES III is a dual-GPU card designed for Ultra HD gaming at 4K resolution. It is roughly 15% faster than its competition, NVIDIA TITAN Z. The previous ARES GPUs were big and bulky with three-slot massive air coolers. ARES III is a single slot graphics card thanks to a hand-crafted EK waterblock. Only 500 units will be produced and individually numbered to give a personalized feeling to the owners. The packaging is also unique in its own way unlike any other GPU. It comes in a large briefcase ensuring that not even a dust particle rests on it.

ARES III features a 16 phase DIGI+ VRM design requiring three PCIe connectors. Super Alloy Power coupled with Japanese made 10k capacitors deliver stable power to the GPUs resulting in hefty overclocks. ASUS combines its own ROG theme GPU tweak and live streaming utility which can be used to overclock the GPU, monitor the thermals or live stream your gameplay to the viewers.


ASUS ARES III Specifications

GPU Hawaii XT Radeon R9290 x 2
PCIe Bus PCI Express 3.0
Memory Size 8 GB GDDR5
GPU Clock 1030 MHz
Memory Clock 5000 MHz (5 GHz)
Memory Interface 512-bit x 2
Display Resolution 4096 x 2160
Display Outputs HDMI x 1, DisplaPort x 1, DVI-D x 1
Accessories 3 x Power CablesAMD Radeon Game Reward Coupon

2 x G1/4 Thread Fittings

ROG 8 GB USB Flash Drive

Bundled Software ASUS Drivers & UtilitiesGPU Tweak

For more information, visit the product page.


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