ASUS and ROG X79 Motherboards support 128 GB Memory

A lot of memory manufacturers are moving forward and introducing new technologies which will help increase the memory size on a single module. While 8 GB DIMMs remain popular amongst consumers, the enterprise/server industry on the other hand wants terabytes of memory in their servers. Intelligent Memory introduced 16 GB modules a little while back and ASUS worked closely with them in order to increase capability on its motherboards. Today, the company has announced that P9X79 and ROG X79 motherboards now support 16 GB modules per DIMM totaling up to 128 GB with eight DIMMs on board.

ASUS and ROG X79 128 GB Memory _1

ASUS and ROG X79 motherboards support 16 GB Memory modules

The world is preparing for DDR4 memory which is scheduled to launch along side Intel’s LGA 2011-3 socket and X99 chipset in the coming months but this didn’t stop innovation in the DDR3 segment because it will remain on the front foot for another year or so. DDR4 does bring improvements especially faster speeds at low voltages but the new technology will be sold at a premium price.

Early DDR4 listings show prices as high as $1000 for 32 GB Kits running at 2133 MHz. On the other hand, Intel’s HEDT users will need to change their whole platform in order to enjoy the upcoming Intel Core i7 HEDT CPUs. P9X79 and ROG X79 motherboards already offer a lot in the LGA 2011 socket especially taking into account ROG X79 Rampage motherboards for gamers.

P9X79 Deluxe running a 32M SuperPi with 128GB installed.

P9X79 Deluxe running a 32M SuperPi with 128GB installed.

128 GB memory support on X79 motherboards is the largest capacity available for a single socket consumer system. Although there is hardly any application that takes advantage of such a large memory size but bundled softwares such as RAMDisk can certainly help speed up the system.

ASUS and ROG X79 motherboards need a BIOS update to enable 128 GB memory support. The BIOS is still in beta but available for public download on each motherboard’s respective product page. The list of supported motherboards is given below:

  • X79 Delxue – 0901 BIOS
  • Rampage IV Black Edition – 0801 BIOS
  • P9X79 Deluxe – 4801 BIOS
  • P9X79 Pro – 4801 BIOS
  • P9X79 LE – 4801 BIOS
  • P9X79 – 4801 BIOS
  • Sabertooth X79 – 4801 BIOS

Source: ASUS ROG


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