ASUS Shows Z77 Wolverine Motherboard With 40-Phase VRM For CPU

ASUS is showing off some pretty interesting products at Computex this year and Z77 Wolverine motherboard is also one of them. Its an Intel Z77 based motherboard whose design resembles to that of ASUS P8Z77 series but the interesting thing about this motherboard is its 40-Phase (No, that’s not a typo) VRM design for CPU. Half of these are present on the front side of the motherboard and half are on back. There isnt any advantage of this many phases in overclocking or performance department but more phases mean less power load per phase which means lower operating temperature. ASUS Z77 Wolverine has no heatsink mounting holes for the VRM heatsinks which means that it can operate without any cooling. There is an 8-pin EPS power connector for CPU.

There is no information about when this motherboard will hit market (or will it hit market at all!) but the one at the Computex is a working prototype which means that there are some chances of this motherboard or a similar one hitting retail sometime in future.

Source: VR-Zone


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