ASUS Transformer Book V: a 5-in-1 laptop, tablet & phone hybrid

ASUS Transformer Book V

All the manufacturers are more inclined towards making hybrid these days. The different between smartphones and tablets is decreasing with every passing day and on the other hand, the laptops and tablets are also getting closer but ASUS is taking it to next step with offering all these three things, laptop, tablet and smartphones, in a single device; their new Transformer Book V (pronounced as ‘five’). As the name suggests, this hybrid devices come with five modes.

ASUS Transformer Book V

The ASUS Transformer Book V is actually consists of a 12.5-inch tablet, a 5-inch smartphone and a keyboard dock. In terms of specifications, the tablet is powered by an upcoming Intel processors (probably some low-powered Broadwell) along with 4GB of memory. It weights 0.8kg and caries a 28Wh battery which is reportedly good for up to 10 hours of internet browsing. ASUS has not revealed the resolution of the 12.5-inch display yet but it reportedly rocks an IPS panel. It carries 128GB of storage space.

ASUS Transformer Book V

The smartphone component of the Transformer Book V is a 5-inch device powered by Intel’s 64-bit Atom (Moorefield) chip with LTE radio. It has 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage space and 2500 mAH battery. It has an 8MP camera on back and a 2MP on front for video calling. Its 11mm thick and weighs 140g. It runs Android KitKat 4.4.

Third component of the device is a battery-less keyboard dock with a trackpad and few ports. It can carry up to 1TB of storage.

These three components can offer up to five modes and they are as follows:

  • Windows laptop
  • Windows tablet
  • Android phone
  • Android tablet
  • Android laptop

The tablet component has small switch which can let you either use Windows 8.1 or Android. And you can further enhance the experience by adding the dock making it a Windows laptop or Android laptop. On the back of the tablet, the phone can be docked like ASUS’ own PadFone and when it is docked in, you can use the phone’s Android interface in the Windows as well.

ASUS has not announced the pricing or availability of Transformer Book V yet however it is expected later this year when Intel will launch Broadwell.


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