Avexir Blitz and Platinum DDR4 Memory with 3.40 GHz speeds coming soon

DDR4 memory is capable of reaching much higher speeds compared to last generation DDR3 modules but still many manufacturers did not surpass the 3000 MHz barrier on their modules. Only G.Skill got the head start and revealed its Ripjaws 4 with 3000 MHz speeds while Corsair, Crucial, ADATA and Avexir are bringing 2133 MHz to 2800 MHz quad-channel kits. Overclockers UK is the only retailer in the UK who is accepting pre-orders for DDR4 memory and according to them Avexir is preparing 3.40 GHz DDR4 Platinum and Blitz modules. Avexir Blitz is the best in the business with high overclocking potential and LED lightning.

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Avexir Blitz and Platinum DDR4 memory with 3.40 GHz speeds

Talking to Xbit labs, Overclockers UK and Caseking revealed that Avexir Blitz and Platinum series will have 3.40 GHz memory modules soon. Both retailers have taken the exclusive distribution of Avexir memory in the UK and mainland Europe. They say,“The Avexir Platinum is a slick black module with current speeds up to 2400MHz and with a hint of up to 3400 MHz in the future along with the signature LED series returning with DDR4.”

Both retailers did not reveal any information regarding the specifications and availability of Avexir Blitz 3400 MHz memory kits. So far we have details about Avexir Platinum which is available on Overclockers UK in 16 GB and 32 GB capacities running at 2400 MHz. Avexir Platinum DDR4-2400 MHz modules operate at 1.2 v with CL 16-16-16-39 timings. The 16 GB quad-channel kit is available for £199.99 while the 32 GB costs £389.99.

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Avexir Platinum does not come with any heat spreaders so overclocking is pretty much out of the question but Avexir Blitz is a totally different thing. Avexir Blitz memory modules are designed for pro overclockers and enthusiasts. The series consists of memory modules for flagship overclocking motherboards from ASUS, ASRock, MSI and GIGABYTE while the L33T memory modules have their own style.

Avexir Blitz features heatsinks with LED lightning in different color schemes to match the system theme. This gives them a better look compared to memory from other manufacturers while delivering top of the level performance. Avexir Blitz is manufacturerd using hand-picked ICs with maximum durability and reliability.

DDR4 memory will make its debut on August 29th, 2014 alongside Intel Haswell-E platform and X99 chipset. DDR4 will have a low adoption rate at the start but with the launch of Intel Skylake, most mainstream desktops will feature DDR4 memory and DDR3 will slowly fade away.

Source: Xbit Labs


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